A woman who won a Maine inn by writing an essay now wants to name a new owner by using the same method. The writer of the winning essay will win an inn and a restaurant, and the current owner will enjoy retirement after 22 years in business.

Janice Sage owns the Center Lovell Inn and Restaurant, an establishment she won in an essay writing contest. So, when she decided to retire, she thought it would be fun to give it away the same way.

Prospective owners will need to persuade Sage, in 200 words or less, why they should have the opportunity to take over the facility. She says being the innkeeper involves 17-hour days of pleasing guests, cooking, cleaning, and just maintaining the 210-year-old building.

Janice says she's expecting more than 7,500 entries. And at $125 per entry, the total could end up surpassing the inn's estimated $900,000 value. She'll pick the best 20 entries by May 17th and pass them to two anonymous judges, who will select a winner by May 21st.