I think Will Smith is amazing. He can do anything! He can act. He can sing. He can rap. He can dance. And he looks mighty nice while doing all of it! But apparently, there's one thing that Will Smith doesn't excel at . Soccer!

Will and his son Jaden were at the Champions Festival before the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley Stadium in London, when they decided to have a penalty shootout competition. I wonder if Will thought better of this once they were done.

Jaden did well...even scoring a goal! Of course, his father was holding the goalie at the time. However when Will started things out, the results were not so stellar. But in true Will Smith fashion, he took it in stride and even asked one of the players to get rid of the offensive ball.

To Will I say, stick to acting, and singing, and dancing, and rapping. Leave soccer to the professionals!