It's happened again. Yet another movie based on a Stephen King novel has been remade. Now, before you roll your eyes, remember that it's not always a bad thing! Personally, I prefer the TV-Miniseries version of 'The Shining' better than the Hollywood version with Jack Nicholson coming off as more funny than scary. The trailer for this latest remake looks intriguing!

In preparation for the October 18th release of the latest version, Jim and I watched the original "Carrie" this week. It's going to be tough to live up to! Sissy Spacek, with her pale skin and super-slim figure was perfect as the abused and introverted teen. And Piper Laurie is amazing as Carrie's crazy Mom!

The movie has aged well, thanks, in part, to performances from some actors who were just getting started. John Travolta, William Katt, Amy Irving, and Edie McClurg (Mrs. Poole from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off').

Now, a new adaptation is due to hit theaters on October 18th, starring Julianne Moore as Carrie's Mother and Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie. Julianne always plays crazy well. And Chloe has some experience with thrillers, after starring in the child-vampire movie 'Let Me In.'

Check out the video above for a look at both movies. When the trailer for the new version ends, keep watching for a trailer from 1976. See what you think! Personally, I plan to see it. It looks intriguing....and creepy!