Do you love horses? If you said yes, then you have to see this movie about wild mustangs! "Wild Horse Wild Ride" came out in 2011, but Jim and I just watched it last night. Filmed in documentary-style, it follows several people as they attempt to tame and train wild mustangs.

The vision of all those wild horses running together is enough to take your breath away! And watching their desperation when captured will tear at your heart. Forget all the manufactured Hollywood stuff, and get caught up in the real life drama of this national competition that's meant to draw attention to the wild mustangs, and help them to find good homes.

It's a compelling story, with characters to love and hate. Fascinating to watch all the different training styles. Which works best? A gentle voice as you build trust with the animal? Or a strong hand and commanding voice?

The movie culminates at the national "Wild Mustang Makeover" competition. You'll find yourself cheering for your favorites and feeling the heartbreak if things don't go as expected. This is real life, so there's no Hollywood "magical" transformations. Just the trust and love that builds between horses and trainers. I highly recommend this film to any animal lover. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll fall in love. Watch the trailer for "Wild Horse Wild Ride."