It's been a long month, as I've been away from all the country hotties and focusing on news. So I want to jump back into Country Music with both feet! And you're going to contribute by helping me pick Country's Hottest Guy!

Each day this week, I'll post pictures of one of the hottest men in Country. If I miss one that you'd like to see, post it in the comments section! Then on Friday, I'll put up a poll and you can vote for the Hottest Guy In Country Music. Sound like fun? Let's get started! Day 1 is Billy Currington. Here are a couple of pictures of this blue-eyed beauty. Personally, I think he's adorable!

Remember....if you know of someone you'd like to see featured, post it in the comments section. We're in this together, Ladies! Let's figure out who's the Hottest Guy in Country!