The question was recently asked on a Bangor related Facebook page followed by a flood of comments claiming they knew where to find the best Maine State Treat in town! Vote on the top 8 places suggested or suggest a place we missed!


Joy Cameron recently posted on the 'You knew you grew up in Bangor, Maine when...' Facebook page asking 'Where does one buy great Whoopie Pies in Bangor?'. We took a look at the answers in the comments and came up with 8 places that seemed to be Bangor favorites for Whoopie Pies.

We also would like to mention the places not in Bangor but popular among Whoopie Pie fans according to the comments on that Facebook post:

  • Corner Country Store- Levant
  • Countryside Restaurant- Corinth
  • C&K Variety- Hermon
  • G&M Variety- Holden
  • Pat's Pizza- Statewide
  • Pizza Gourmet- Hampden

Where do you find your favorite Whoopie Pie?