The latest research just coming out of Duke University deals with breast cancer and mastectomy. It suggests those with early stage breast cancer may be better served by choosing a lumpectomy, followed by radiation treatment, versus a mastectomy. The study questions whether women think that if they choose a mastectomy they have better chances of survival by completely removing their breast.

I have lost dear friends to breast cancer, and because statistics say breast cancer impacts 1 in 8 women, I'm certain many of you reading this article know some one who has dealt with breast cancer.

It knows no boundaries meaning it doesn't care where you live, whether you're rich or poor, nurse or teacher. There are some general "risk factors" such as being a woman and getting older. Now that's a real hoot! Just because you happen to be an aging female you're at risk for breast cancer.

Knowledge is power and the fact that research like this continues means women can make more educated choices when it comes to their treatment options in dealing with breast cancer.