Every year, we get to load ourselves up with raw eggs and ride snowmobiles. Some people call us crazy. They ask why we do it year after year. Well, the answer to that is easy. We do it so kids can go to camp! After watching this video of Rave X Motorsports Outdoor Freestyle, the eggs are incredibly tame. Watch what you WON'T see us do on snowmobiles on Saturday!

The good news is, you can watch the Rave X Motorsports Outdoor Freestyle stunt people do this themselves! The fun starts at 11am at the Bradstreet Farm on the Ridge Road in Newport. Even if the rest of the area doesn't have snow, they've built up a track for these folks. Admission is free but they will be taking donations for the Pine Tree Camp. There will be two performances, so don't miss it!

Here's a thrilling, scary, they-must-be-insane-to-do-this look at what you can expect. Remember....these riders are professionals. Don't try this yourself unless you long for lengthy hospitalizations!