We all have them. Either it's because of circumstances beyond our control or it's because we screwed up. For whatever reason, everyone has a truly bad day at work. What was your worst?

I read today about a work crew in France that was hired to restore an 18th Century French Chateau to its former glory. They were also contracted to raze a small out-building on the property. You know what's coming, right? Someone got the instructions wrong and bulldozed the mansion! The Russian who owned the property says he will build a new mansion, exactly like the original. Sounds like he took it pretty well but.....still....this has to be that construction workers WORST day at work!

My worst day in radio had to have been the day of the 9-11 attacks. But that was a horrible day for all of us, so I will pick something else. I worked for several years in a convenience store. One night, we ran out of gas. But, just as the gas ran out, the tanker truck pulled in! So there I was, asking people to be patient while the driver got some gas in the ground and then they could pump. We were extremely busy, so I'm trying to wait on customers from the store, while reasoning with angry people who wanted gas. But....no one had ever told me that, when the tanks run out, you have to hit a series of reset buttons to get them to start working again! So these angry people are trying to pump and can't.....and I'm trying to wait on store customers while gas customers are screaming (no exaggeration) at me! Suddenly, the owner of the company that services our pumps walked through the door. I have never been so glad to see anyone! We got it straightened out and I made sure I know how to reset the pumps for the next time it happened. I was SO glad to see THAT night END!

So what about you? What was your worst day at work? Share the story with us in the comment section below, so we can ALL feel better about our own!