My son's fiance once directed a play that centered around a dog, portrayed by an actress. It was funny on stage when the "dog" walked in circles before lying down, or rubbed her head against her owner's legs. But think about creepy would it be if our pets were actually human? Watching you shower...go to the bathroom....etc? This video gives you a good idea of just how weird that would be.

I thought of this video earlier today when I finished my shower. Once I cleared the water out of my eyes, I saw golden retriever Lola laying across in front of the tub...and puppy Pernicus whining in the hall because he couldn't get into the bathroom. How bizarre would that be if they were actually human?

The actors in this video do an awesome job. I especially love the unblinking stare of the "cat!" Watch the video, and see if you can relate it to your best friends!