A camp counselor at the Maine Teen Camp got a surprise recently, courtesy of his charges, that probably delayed his trip home.

Everyone has a 'prank against the teacher' story, right? We used to prank our band director, now-director-of-the-Bangor-Band Chip Farnham, each year at a particular concert. One year, when he signaled for us to start playing, we all stood and filed out of the room. And when he retired, we toilet-papered his car! Mild, as pranks go, but they were effective.

I've heard stories of students who have lifted teachers' small vehicles and relocated them to unfortunate places. But a prank doesn't have to be destructive. It just has to be memorable. And I have a feeling this camp counselor will remember THIS for a while!

The only thing I would have added is a label: 'Sealed For Your Protection!'