This time of year brings more people than usual to the Bangor area creating some very hectic parking lots. Here are the 5 we think are the worst!


Based on things like how busy the parking lot is, traffic pattern confusion, and parking lot size we have determined what we think to be the worst parking lots in Bangor. This doesn't mean you should avoid these places, just be a little more aware.

Did we miss any? Which do you think is worst?

  • 1

    Stillwater Shopping Center

    Last time we asked about the worst parking lot in Bangor this is one that came up numerous times! From Kohl's to Texas Roadhouse and everywhere in-between this parking lot is a mess! So many isles going every which way, and what's up with those stop signs in front of Kohl's?

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    Broadway Shopping Plaza

    I personally have seen 2 accidents and many close calls in the parking lot. The worst spot seems to be the 4-way intersection where the road comes in from Broadway. The other gripe here is the angled parking. A great idea, that is if everyone went and parked the correct way!

  • 3

    The Airport Mall

    Surprisingly the parking lot on the DMV side of the building seems to be the worst. Cars cut in and out of here constantly crossing cutting through multiple parking spots instead of abiding by the lanes of travel. On the other side the mall the biggest problem is just general congestion. At least they have useless speed bumps around the building!

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    Possibly the busiest parking lot in Bangor this parking lot keeps you on your toes. Between cars backing out of spaces without looking and preoccupied pedestrians streaming in and out of the store you really need and extra set of eyes here.

  • 5

    The Bangor Mall

    Depending on which side of the mall you are parking on, each side has it's own parking lot challenges. In some areas once you get in you can't get out. Do they really need all those medians? In other areas congestion seems to be more of the issue.

  • 6

    St. Joseph's Hospital

    You'd think the parking in a place where people are already stressed out wouldn't be so stressful. But it is one of the worst! There is barely any emergency parking and the parking lot from the Broadway entrance is way to tight! How many times have you seen traffic backed out onto Broadway because of parking problems?!