You know you spend too much time on the computer when Facebook and Twitter influence the name you pick for your child. Hashtag? Really? Yep. I guess it would be easy to text...# would do it! And Facebook. As a baby name! Baby Center is reporting some pretty weird names for babies over the past 12 months. Those were two of the strangest.

My mother tells the story of when I was little and I'd go looking for my shoes. I'd crawl around saying "Here, shoesies!" At that age it's cute. But when a mother goes to the door, looking for her daughter and calls "Fedora!", it's just weird!

Naming your child after a body part is also an unusual choice. Especially when it's your belly button. Yep..."Inny" was another name on Baby Center's list. I see therapy in this kid's future!

You have to assume that Dad picked the baby names "Ball," "Burger," or...and I can't believe this one..."ESPN." Thanks, Dad...I'll call you when I'm getting beat up on the playground! Can you imagine if this kid ends up being terrible at sports?

I know you want your child to be unique, but...."Kingsolomon?" Yes, that's supposed to be all one word. Actor Jeremy Sisto picked "Kick" for his son's middle name. Luckily, his last name isn't "Me!"

Maybe I'm just getting old, but these names seem beyond weird to me. Then again, I named my kids Michael, Daniel, and Joshua. Three of the most common names ever. But hey.....we named our puppy Copernicus, so we're not totally boring! Read more weird baby names at the Baby Center website.