How can you tell you had too many attendants at your wedding? When the dock they're posing on for pictures can't hold them! All 13 bridesmaids and all but one of the 14 groomsmen fell into the lake when the structure let loose and dumped them all into the drink!

The bride, 26-year-old Patricia Andrews made out okay, only getting the bottom of her dress wet. The groom, 30-year-old Frank Fearon didn't get wet at all. And the attendants were okay for the most part, other than getting soaked. One of the bridesmaids did end up with a broken arm, and there were plenty of bumps and bruises. But they all shook it off (except the broken arm girl, who I'm sure went to the hospital) and proceeded to dance at the reception.

The bride's brother, Chase Andrews, is a video producer for Remedy films. He put together a quick video so the couple can remember forever what they've come to call the "wedding wetting!" Now THERE'S a story for the grandkids!