The Maine Emergency Management Agency has compiled a website that offers tips on everything from how to compile an emergency kit for your family, to what kinds of hazards we face in our state.

MEMA's Executive Director Bruce Fitzgerald told us that, so far, their agency has never had to call on other states to provide help for an emergency situation (this doesn't include the line workers that come here in major power outages). But Maine crews have aided other states with everything from plowing snow to disaster relief after hurricanes or earthquakes. But that could change quickly, with either climate changes that bring tornadoes to Maine, or man-made emergencies like terrorist attacks.

So the agency has constructed a website that offers information on most aspects of emergency planning. There's a link to a site that will tell you what items should be in your family's emergency pack. This could come in handy if you're forced to evacuate, or even if you're told to 'shelter in place,' as Boston residents experienced after the bombings at the Boston Marathon. It's not just food and water, but also medications, baby formula, and diapers. Remember that officer who brought a young mother milk during the Boston crisis? You can't count on the fact that those first responders will have time to run to a store for you, or even have access to one!

Another link will help you to make an emergency plan that includes where your family meets up, should a crisis arise while you're at work. It's important to find our from your child's school what their plan is, and whether your child would be sheltered at the school or moved to another location.

The site also has information about the types of hazards we face in Maine. This list includes natural disasters, like tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires. But, as we've seen in recent years, not all emergencies are the result of Mother Nature. Check out the Maine Prepares website and make sure you're ready for any situation!