Everyone knows that WD-40 is the one thing that is useful for many, many different things and is a staple here in Maine. Now Readers' Digest has come up with a new list of 13 surprising things you can use WD-40 for.

1. Spray it on top of a bird feeder, and squirrels slide right off

2. Separates stuck glassware

3. It's great to get a stuck ring off your finger

4. Exterminates roaches and repels insects....bet Off doesn't want you to know that!

5. Easily removes chewing gum from hair

6. The handy spray removes scuff marks off floors

7. Wipes away Tea Stains

8. Look out Tidy-Bowl Man, it also cleans toilet bowls very easily

9. For Mainers, this is great to know...it waterproofs & winterproofs shoes and boots

10. Cleans and restores old license plates

11. It prevents snow from building up on the outside of your windows

12. Keeps wasps from building nests

13. Remove doggie-doo from your shoes

So, now that we have shared this new list, we know you've probably tried WD-40 for many things, what are some of those that work for you that you'd care to share with us!

And for those of us that have two tools to use in any situation...WD-40 & Duct Tape, here's how and when to use those...ha, ha, ha!