A permitted burn in Hudson got out of control Monday, scorching some land and destroying a shed, and that’s prompting some safety reminders from the Maine Forest Service.

Ranger Jeff Currier says you can face charges if you don’t adhere to the specific criteria on the burn permit, and that could be anything from specific burning times, to how many people you need to have on hand to tend the burn.

"Anyone who violates that law violates our open burning law called Failure to Adhere to Open Burning Criteria. It's a Class E Crime punishable by up to a five-hundred dollar fine and once can also be liable for any fire suppression costs," states Currier.

Those fire suppression costs can add up very quickly depending on the resources used to fight the fire.

Ranger Currier says with this extended dry hot weather the forest fire danger is on the rise and you’re reminded to be sure that any camp fire is thoroughly extinguished so it doesn't risk burning underground and resurfacing a few days later.

Currier says thunderstorms can be a blessing and a curse because the rain is great but the lightening could be problematic as lightning strikes can also burn underground for days before igniting into a full blown forest fire.