It's been a busy weekend full of injuries and Maine Game Wardens say people on their snowmobiles need to slow down.

Since Friday Wardens have responded to numerous accidents and have provided some details on eight of the most serious incidents. Wardens say in most of them, speed was a contributing factor.

Corporal John MacDonald says wardens investigated a single snowmobile crash Friday evening in Dyer Brook.  54 year old Richard Cordero of Peabody, Massachusetts struck a tree next to the trail and sustained a leg injury. Cordero was transported to Houlton Regional Hospital.

Game wardens responded to single snowmobile crash in Fort Kent Friday and Corporal McDonald says the operator, 20 year old Daniel Martin, also of Massachusetts, was traveling at a high rate of speed, saw an upcoming turn approaching quickly and jumped from his machine, striking a tree. He suffered serious leg injuries. He was taken by Life Flight to Bangor.

A head-on snowmobile crash took place on the crest of a hill in Lyman Friday night. Wardens say two men suffered serious, but non-life threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital.  Speed was listed as the primary contributing factor in that crash.

Game wardens investigated a single snowmobile personal injury crash in the town of Greenwood Saturday. A 35-year-old man from Rhode Island was operating a rented snow sled when he placed his leg out to stop his snowmobile from rolling and suffered a broken leg. He was transported to Bridgton Hospital.

Another single snowmobile personal injury crash was reported on Saturday, this time in Acton. The operator of the snowmobile went airborne for a considerable distance. He suffered a serious back and facial injuries and was transported to Maine Medical Center in Portland.

A single-sled crash in Lewiston involved a four-year-old, two-eight year olds, and a 57-year-old grandfather. One of the 8-year-old children hit the throttle accelerating the snowmobile into a tree. That child sustained non-life threatening injuries and was transported to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

Speed and inexperience were also cited as contributing factors in a crash in Bingham Saturday morning. A man from Rode Island failed to negotiate a corner and was ejected from his snowmobile into the woods.  He was transported to Redington Fairview Hospital in Skowhegan with an arm injury and minor cuts to face his face.

A 15 year old male was operating at a high rate of speed in Athens and failed to negotiate a steep drop in the trail. He went airborne and was ejected from his snowmobile. He was found unconscious next to his snowmobile by his father. He was transported to Redington Fairview Hospital in Skowhegan and treated for a concussion, facial contusions, hip, and knee injuries. Speed was a factor in this crash.

Wardens want to remind all riders to stay to the right of the trail, slow down and do not drink and drive.