The Maine Warden Service now says a couple they understood went missing after a snowmobile trip in Greenville yesterday has been located, safe and sound. Apparently, the report was an honest mistake.

Maine Warden Corporal John MacDonald said in a press release today Lloyd M. Blanchard, 46 years old and Wendy Blanchard, 54 years old, both from State Street in Brewer went missing after leaving the Kineo View Motel in Greenville yesterday morning for a snowmobile trip. The owner of the Motel understood them to say that they would be back at around 2 that afternoon.

When family and friends saw the reports about the couple earlier today, they called their cell phones and found out the real story. The Blanchards were actually planning to arrive back at Kineo View Motel today, and stayed the night at Northern Outdoors Lodge in the Forks. Once they learned of the misunderstanding, they contacted the warden service and let them know they're okay.