If you're like me, you're probably a bit fussy when it comes to the coffee you'll drink on a regular basis. For Shirley and me at home, there is no better cup of coffee than that produced by Dunkin' Donuts, with Tim Horton's coming in a close second. Star Buck's is not even on the radar in our opinion.

We love the Dunkin' brew so much we even buy bags of it to make at home in our drip coffee maker. But to frank, we just can't get the same flavor as they do at Dunkin' Donuts. Why? Well from I've learned, to achieve the right flavor, coffee must be brewed using just the right amount, water must be in the 195 to 205 degree temperature range, and the whole brewing process can't last any longer than 8 minutes.

I can assure you that our Mr. Coffee machine will not meet the specs to achieve 'cup-o-joe' nirvana.

So what would the right coffee maker set you back? Are you sitting down? $240 on average. I know, right? Quite honestly, I think I'd pay it.

America's Test Kitchen did a review on some the world's best consumer coffee makers, and they also explained how to brew the proper cup of coffee.