A video of a woman catching on fire has been revealed as a hoax! In the video, a young woman is seen twerking, or dancing when she gets knocked into some candles accidentally. The video ends when her yoga pants catch on fire! But now, a famous name has revealed that he was behind the video, and that it's a huge, and very successful hoax!

Late Night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel revealed this week that the video was nothing but a big joke. A hoax, perpetrated on YouTube's internet viewers. And I have to say, well done, Mr. Kimmel!

The video was not given any special promotion. It was just uploaded to YouTube and then human nature took over as it received over nine million views! News outlets and entertainment shows like "The View" showed it, while the commentators gave their opinions on whether it was real. Whoopi Goldberg even said the look on the woman's face was "panic."

In reality, she's a stuntwoman. Watch the full video, with the surprise ending that was cut off originally. I'll say it again...well done, Jimmy Kimmel. You got us all!