I think we've all pretty much figured out by now that there's no way on God's green earth that we'll ever be able to keep up with today's technology, especially when it comes to items like phones, tablets, and TV's. In fact, the company that calls itself LG has now created a TV that's supposedly mind boggling. But you may want to wait a bit before you buy it.

It took my wife and I about three years after HD TV's came out to actually research, shop around and buy one--we bought a 42" Samsung at Sam's Club. We've been really happy with it for the past two years. But now LG has come out with the 'Ultra' High Definition TV that claims to four times the pixels of a 1080P HD TV. Wow!

How much more definition do we need. News anchors and reporters can only cake on so much makeup to cover those pesky pores and pimples, and some things really don't need that much revelation. Agree?

In case you're wondering what it's all about, C-NET is still in the process of investigating and researching.

Here's the video: