Two people are facing drug charges after police stopped them for driving without headlights. A subsequent investigation netted cocaine and heroin, along with some pot, according to police.

Bangor Police Sergeant Cathy Rumsey said in a press release today that the driver of the vehicle, Maureen Clark, 41, of Bangor failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for operating under the influence just after 1:30 on February 2nd.

The passenger in the vehicle, Edwin Marrero, 47, of Bangor had an active warrant for his arrest for unpaid fines. He also was arrested.

Clark was taken to the Bangor Police Department and evaluated by a Drug Recognition Expert Officer Taylor Bagley, who determined that she was operating under the influence of drugs, rather than alcohol.

During a subsequent search, police found small baggies of marijuana, and other baggies which contained substances that field tested positive as crack/cocaine and heroin. Clark was taken to Penobscot County Jail and charged with OUI (Drugs), Unlawful possession of Schedule W Drugs (Class C for heroin), Unlawful Possession of Schedule W Drugs (class D for crack/cocaine), and a civil offense of Possession of Marijuana.

A search of Clark’s car turned up additional quantities of crack and powdered cocaine. As a result, Marrero was also charged with Unlawful Possession of Schedule W Drugs (class D crack/cocaine).