Here's a heart-warming story on a cold and stormy day. Some kids in Bangor are sending hugs to soldiers stationed overseas this holiday season. We told you about it on our newscast this week and I wanted to share with you a picture of the finished products. You'll love them!

I spoke with Tina Morrill of Changing Seasons Federal Credit Union about the project. Folks from the credit union were at the Downeast School today, helping third graders make mittens for soldiers. Obviously, since most of these folks are in the desert, they're not the kind of mittens to keep your hands warm!

Instead, they're cardboard mittens (pictured above) decorated with personal messages from the kids. The hope is that the soldiers will see this as a way for Maine children to wrap them each up in a big, warm hug! Hats off to the folks at Changing Seasons Federal Credit Union and the kids at the Downeast School in Bangor for sending such a wonderful message of love to our overseas troops. And thanks for sharing your hugs with us!