Kids are invited to bring their parents to Downtown Bangor next week for an afternoon of trick or treating and fun. The Downtown Bangor partnership is hosting trick or treating on October 26th with over 30 stores offering treats for the kids.

Parents can browse the shops and get some holiday ideas while the kids are counting their candy. And Jason Bird of the Downtown Bangor Partnership says there will be plenty to do besides just collecting candy.

"We're going to have two bounce houses, one will be in Westmarket Square and the other will be in Washington Plaza, where Heroes and Dunnetts are located. We also have a surprise, that I can't say anything about, but we're encouraging people to keep an eye on Westmarket Square at around 4:30 on Saturday. I think they'll get a kick out of what we have planned."

Bird says it’s a great chance for the kids to wear their costumes and have some fun before the big night. Birds says parents do need to be aware, however,  that at the very end of the event there will be a zombie walk on the waterfront that could be scary to small children.

"We just want to let families know that there's, I don't know if you call it a gaggle or a hoard of zombies, but there's a group that's going to start at the Waterfront and walk through Downtown." Bird said. "We just encourage families to be aware of it and to let their kids know, especially if they think the kids will be spooked by it. But it's a neat spectacle and, if you have the right perspective, it's almost like a scene from the 'Walking Dead.'

For more information log onto the Downtown Bangor Partnership's Facebook page. You can see a map (above) of the route!