It's become a tradition for Jim and me. Every autumn we have to make the trek out Union Street to Treworgy Family Orchards for an afternoon of fall fun! If you've never been, then you're missing out! I can say this because, until I met Jim, I'd never been to Treworgy. And now, I can't imagine letting an autumn go by without it.

So, for those who have never visited, let me take you through all the amenities. There's the corn maze, which is a blast! Thank goodness for Jim's excellent sense of direction, or I'd still be in there from last (yes, they give you a map!) This year's maze is "The Great Gobbler (it's shaped like a turkey) in the Cornucopia Caper." As you make your way through, you'll get clues...and will be able to decide the "caper culprit" if you hit all the a giant game of CLUE!

The pumpkin patch is fun! You can wander the rows and pick your own pumpkins! A great learning experience for kids who think pumpkins come from the supermarket.

A hayride will take you from the main entrance to the pumpkin patch and corn maze! Fun!

Then there's the petting zoo! This picture is my son Josh with Pimento...a very friendly resident of Treworgy last summer!

And of course, outdoor fun isn't complete without ice cream!

There's also a gift shop, and live music each week throughout the fall season. Treworgy Family Orchards is open each day from 10am to sundown (around 7) and is located at 3876 Union Street in Levant. Just head straight out Union Street from Bangor! For more information, click here.

It's fun for all ages....this is my great-nephew Joey, who we ran into last year! Okay...the motorcycle is NOT one of the attractions....but it was for Joey on that day! Enjoy!