If you're a business owner you can probably address the issue of lost productivity when your workers go down from an illness.

Well, it's cold and flu season, and business owners in the greater Bangor region can help themselves and the greater community by making it easy for their employees to get their flu shots.

The Pharmacy Manager at Walgreen's on Oak Street in Bangor, Todd Hachey says he's more than happy to make calls to area businesses to administer the flu shot.

"The biggest benefit I can think of, is you won't get the flu," states Hachey. "It's good health.  If you get your flu shot you won't contract the flu, and you won't be passing it to others so it cuts down on the transmission of the illness."

Hachey says the flu shot's covered by most major insurances and they're paid for 100 % for those on Medicare.

Hachey says the longer you wait to get your flu shot, the more you put yourself at risk for getting the flu because the vaccine needs a few weeks to fully take hold in your system.

I you have questions you can contact Hachey at (207) 945-0351.