The meltdown of Toronto's Rob Ford and his admitted purchase and use of crack cocaine while serving in office has captured the attention of millions. Amazingly, after all the scrutiny from fellow council members and the overwhelmingly majority of the public, Ford still refuses to resign. And apparently the city law states that he cannot be let go, it has to be of his own doing. I think someone didn't think that law through, then again, how often does something like this happen.

Ford's actions have certainly given Toronto a black eye, and no steak appendage from the fridge can make it go away quickly enough.

What's going on inside the head of Ford? Is he that narcissistic? Or maybe the drugs have had such a severe effect that some wires have been permanently scrambled. Whatever the case may be, he needs help. And Ford's confrontation with the Toronto City Council is one of the most uncomfortable meetings you'll ever see.