Tools! I love em! I have accumulated so many tools over the years it's crazy. And I wouldn't buy them if I didn't know how to use them properly. For instance, over the weekend I fired up my Husqvarna chainsaw and spent a lot of time cutting wood for the winter for my in-laws. I'm skilled labor. Of course I wore all the protective gear--chaps, helmet, ear protection, face screen, steel-toed boots, and leather gloves--which proved to be worthwhile as a piece of wood flew into the air and struck my helmet pretty hard. But I only own the tools that I'm sure to use on a fairly regular basis. Any thing else I need, I rent. Which brings me to my point.

There have been countless times that I wished I had a certain tool. Often, I almost convince myself that if I had it I would use it more frequently. For example, over the summer I needed a few holes dug for posts, and immediately I started pricing engine powered post hole diggers. My wife, Shirley, who always snaps me back to reality, suggested that the 'hand' post hole digger we bought years ago would do just fine--she was right. I suppose I could have rented one but there weren't enough holes to justify the expense. Moral of the story? Know when to rent and not buy.

Here's a link that will help you determine what tools you're better off renting. Oh, and if you do buy a tool that you seldom use, maybe I can borrow it sometime. ;-)