Did you ever see the movie "The Fifth Element?" Remember the scene on the transport to Fhlosten Paradise when they all get into these pod-type beds and sleep for the flight? Did that make you feel claustrophobic? If so, this Tokyo hotel is NOT for you!

The Capsule & Sauna Century Shibuya features rooms that are just big enough to lie down in. A television hangs from the top of the capsule, along with a built-in stereo and you're good to go! That is, if tight places don't bother you.

Yahoo! News has a great series of pictures of the hotel's features. It makes sense, in a totally practical way. All you really need from a hotel is a place to sleep and a TV to keep you company. A shared bathroom means a loss of privacy, but this bathroom is pretty nice!  Personally, I'm not sure I could sleep in the capsule. But it does look more comfortable than SOME places I've stayed before!

Check out the photos and comment below...let us know what you think!