When Public Enemy no.1 came to Bangor in 1937 he had no idea he would never leave. 

After notorious John Dillinger was killed 1934 Al Brady claimed the title as the FBI's most wanted man. Robbery, assault, and even murder were a common thing for Brady and his gang of just a few men.

In the fall of 1937 the Brady gang with their fearless leader walked into the local sporting goods store, Dakin's on Central St. They came to Bangor under the impression they would be able to find unlimited guns both legal and illegal. When the men ordered a Tommy Gun Dakin's owner 'Shep' Hurd alerted the authorities but didn't let on the the Brady Gang.

On this day 79 years ago the gang returned to pickup their weapons. Little did they know, the store was full of undercover officers, the roof tops were occupied as well as the FBI set their trap.

Brady remained in the car outside the store until he because aware of some suspicious activity inside the store. Once realizing he was surrounded by dozens of guns he stood out of the car yelling 'don't shoot! Don't shoot!' it was then that he pulled his own gun and began to fire.

After only about 5 minutes Brady and his men all lay in Central St. 60 bullets had hit the men creating a river of blood on the street. Today a stone marker on the sidewalk near the site of the incident is the only inkling of the Bangor's bloodiest shootout.

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