Today is one of those days on the calender that isn't very well known, but we're here to tell you it's 'Son & Daughter Day!" I'd like to introduce you to my kids, both are grown, but they'll always be my babies...let me introduce Sam & Gabi.

JR Mitchell Photo


This is my son Sam...a.k.a 'Mini Me'. Sam is currently attending the Lincoln Welding School in Ohio, and will be wrapping up his session later this month. Sam also turns 21 later this month...matter of fact 2 days before Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line & Tyler Farr come to Bangor...guess this Dad knows what Sam is getting for his birthday!





Gabi's Photo

My beautiful daughter Gabi is 19, and recently graduated from Bershire Institute for Christian Studies, and will embark on her first mission trip in 2015 in Guatamela...if you'd like to donate to her mission trip, click on Gabi's Donation Page', and from a grateful Dad, thank you so much for letting me introduce you to my kids...I'm so very proud of them both! I Love You Sam and come on, show us your Sons and Daughters!