As the temperatures become more mild and we get further away from the likelihood of a major blizzard, our thoughts naturally turn to spring clean up in our yards, and that often leads to burning brush. Enter the Maine Forest Service as they remind you how quickly a back yard bursh burning event can turn into a neighborhood wildfire.

Maine Forest Service Fire Prevention Specialist Kent Nelson says if you're going to burn this Spring, you need to have a burn permit. You can get a permit through the Maine Forest Service or your local town office.

It's best to burn in the early evening too as winds are generally lighter, and if things should get out of control, more volunteer firefighters are available in the evening for calls.

Make sure any brush pile you're burning is at least sixty feet away from your home and your neighbors because it will only take one ember to spark a wildfire and until things green up some more, the wild fire danger will be high during dry and windy spells.