There's a new trend on the housing market...Tiny houses! And we're talking really tiny....much less than 1,000 square feet. Many people are finding it a great way to cut costs and simplify their lives. I have to admit, it would be nice to have such a small space to clean....but would it get claustrophobic?

Yahoo! published some links today to realtor ads for some of these places. Take a minute and check out the pictures. Some of them are really small! But they make efficient use of space, so maybe it does make sense.

Jim has always said that he'd like to live in a tiny place. So this article really interested me. I wanted to see inside some of these buildings. There are a few pictures accompanying the realtor listings, if you click the links. But I wasn't satisfied with a few still pictures.

I went to YouTube and looked for video tours, and I found a great one! This house is tiny, it's on wheels, and it's incredibly efficient. That is, unless you want to have more than one person over! I love how he says his table seats four....but I only see two chairs!

So....on the "pro" side, it would be inexpensive, easy to heat, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and cozy. On the "con" side, I would feel very claustrophobic in such a tiny space, and I have three grown sons who I enjoy having over to visit. With the three of them, their significant others, and mine, we wouldn't FIT!

Check out the video and judge for yourself. Could you live in such a tiny house?