It's Throwback Thursday! Instead of a video today, I decided to go with a picture. A really silly picture of me. Let's just say, it wasn't my proudest moment in the nearly 27 years I've been on the air. But I guarantee it will make you laugh!

Okay, now that you've seen it, let me explain! Maine used to have a minor league baseball team called 'The Lumberjacks.' And they used to do all these silly stunts with the audience, including sumo wrestling.

So, our former afternoon news guy, Dave Rode and I suited up one night and hit the diamond. Actually, I literally hit the diamond. Hard!

They tell you, when you suit up, that if you get knocked down, hold your head up so it doesn't hit the ground. Yeah. Okay. YOU put on that suit and remember, in that split second before you topple, to hold YOUR head up!

It was only a minor concussion. But it was a FUN evening!