A lot of very talented singers have attempted the National Anthem on Game Day. Some have had success. Some have not. For my personal favorite, we travel back to 1999 and one of the best vocalists ever. With her amazing range and personal style, Cher nailed this challenging song!

I've loved Cher since, as a kid, I watched 'The Sonny and Cher Show.' She has such a distinctive, clear, deep voice that just takes ownership of whatever song she sings. And, as a kid, I always envied her long, straight hair. (mine was...and is...shorter, curlier, and frizzier!) For Halloween one year, as an adult, I wore a wig that resembled her hair and I spent all evening flipping it over my shoulder, the way she always did. Some things we never outgrow!

But, I digress. Cher's version of 'The Star Spangled Banner' had a classic Cher-style 'big finish.' But for Cher, it worked! I hope you enjoy this Throwback Thursday trip back to the Big Game of 1999 and one of the best-ever versions of the National Anthem!