Kids sledding, a parade and the iconic Alamo Theater are some of the things seen in this film from Bucksport in the 1930's titled 'Around The Home'.

We love these films from Northeast Historic Films and are so thankful for them sharing them! It takes us back to those simpler times. I think what I love most about these films is how you don't see a cell phone in a single persons hand, instead they are out socializing with each other!

The first part of the film shows a favorite winter pastime, sledding. Lunch time, tree climbing and story time are some of the other things seen in this film. Even though it begins with snow on the ground, it also shows Bucksport in the summer time.

Kids swimming, ladies in lawn chairs, a man with a friendly deer! If I had a time machine this is where I would go.

It feels like you are in a time machine at the 9:30 minute mark as a parade walks down Bucksport's Main Street. Even though the floats are oxen powered and the attire is a bit different, the Main St. background hasn't changed too much! Isn't it interesting to see the historical buildings we see today when they were like new!