Three women who became separated last night while snowmobiling in northern Maine were located after an intense overnight search.

Dorothy Gould, 62, from Glenburn, Alice Meadow from Texas and Valerie Morrow from Garland, both in their 50s, were staying together at a camp on Smith Pond located west of Millinocket in Township T3-Indian Purchase.

The three women went snowmobiling last evening and were headed toward Kokadjo when they became stuck near Penobscot Pond in T1R11 between Millinocket and Kokadjo, according to a news release from the Maine Warden Service.

Dorothy Gould left her two friends on snowmobile to find help when she became lost. Gould made her way to the north end of Baxter State Park where she ran out of gas near Nesowadnehunk Field Campground.

Wardens said none of the women had extra gas or emergency supplies with them. Game wardens were called at about 2:30 a.m. Monday and began an intensive search. With temperatures last evening below zero and some thin ice in the area, wardens said they were very concerned for the women’s safety.

Late last evening, Gould made her way to a cabin near Nesowadnehunk Field where she was able to enter and make a fire. Gould stayed the evening in the cabin and was met this morning by snowmobilers travelling in the area. The snowmobiler’s provided her with gas and she followed them back towards Millinocket where she met with game wardens around noon on Monday. Meanwhile, Meadow and Morrow were found this morning by game wardens stranded beside the snowmobile trail. The women were taken to Kokadjo as they were cold and hungry from spending a night outdoors.

More than a dozen Maine game wardens and two Warden Service aircraft were involved in this overnight search effort.