Maine is known for its beautiful historic homes, many of which welcome visitors from all around, who flock to the state for much need respite from the more fast-paced world.

The East Wind House in Tenants Harbor, Maine is a wonderful example of such a lovely and peaceful get-a-way.

Peaceful that is until you're overtaken by cold in Room 12, and rudely held down in your bed by unseen hands!

You try to scream....but you can't, as invisible icy fingers constrict your throat!

I'm really not trying to give Stephen King a run for his money here, but I do love a good ghost story, and what better time to hear them, than during the Halloween season.

Naturally, because I'm a Maine girl, my favorite stories are about haunted places in Maine, like the East Wind House.

Now according to Portland and Kennebunkport are the most haunted Maine communities.

I also love scary movies! Not gore necessarily, just plain spooky movies, or a psychological thriller.

To this day, I think the scariest movie I've seen, because it says it's based on a true encounter, is the movie The Entity.

Happy Halloween!