This is hilarious and I can completely relate with what the dog's thinking.

As many of you know, I have a German Shepherd named Coda, and he's not allowed on our bed.

When he was younger though he tested his luck and got caught, although we didn't use the video camera like this dog owner did, Coda knew he was being watched.

As soon as my husband would leave for work, Coda would come running into the bedroom and jump on top of the bed...usually with me still in it.

One day, my husband scared the crap out of him, essentially catching him in the act by peeking into the bedroom window that was open slightly, and scolding him with "what are you doing on that bed!"

The next day Coda came running into the bedroom and came to screeching halt just before leaping on the bed. He then went to the window to look to see if the coast was clear!

They are such little devils when they don't think anyone's watching!

But remember, even if you catch them red-handed, they really don't feel the guilt.