It's prom season again, which means lots of giggling teens in dress shops, trying on formal wear and dreaming of their magic night. It can be so cool when you get asked by that cute boy....but.....what if he asks in a REALLY unorthodox front of ALL of your friends? Would you say yes? Or would you run away? Check out the outrageous way THIS guy decided to ask a girl to be his date!

I went to my senior prom with one of my best friends, who asked if I had a date yet. I said no, he asked, I said yes, and he said "Good, now I don't have to ask anyone." Not exactly the romantic moment most girls dream of but hey, we had fun and that's what's important.

And I think I prefer that to the way this guy asked. I mean, it's easy to watch it and laugh. But can you imagine how mortified some girls would be? Personally, I love it....but I'm not the girl with the guy....well.....check it out for yourself!