I must admit, there's not many shows on TV that I will watch faithfully, DVR every episode, and re-watch with the same amount of enthusiasm that I had the first time I watched like that of 'The Walking Dead'

I got hooked into the show purely by accident, after hearing the buzz about the TV show here at work from a few of the faithful watchers, one afternoon, AMC offered up 'The Walking Dead' Marathon. From that moment, I was hooked, making sure that every Sunday night at 9 PM, I was at home, in front of the TV, DVR set to record just in case I happened to doze off, which I found to be impossible during this show! The build up to the Season 3 Finale 'Welcome to the Tombs' was a week long 'Zombie Apocalypse Marathon'...thank-you by the way AMC, everyday, all week long they ran every episode from the beginning right up to Season 3 episode 15. I found myself getting nervous as the finale began last night, wondering how would this season end, will the Governor take the prison from Rick, Daryl and the rest of the group, how will Andrea get out of the Governor's torture chamber, and most importantly, which one of my favorite characters will see season 3 end with the end of their character??? All question that were answered in a shocking twist of events, and being one that hates for endings to be divulged before I've had a chance to see it, I won't give anything away! For those of you that have seen it, or those of you who may have never seen it, click the photo below to watch a behind the scenes look at last night's finale. And may I say this without sounding like I want to wish time away..."Bring On October"