For those of you that have always heard people talk about "The County" or maybe it has been referred to as "God's Country", if you've never taken the drive north on Interstate 95 to see the breath taking views that Maine's Largest County has to offer, allow me to introduce you to Paul Cyr.

Paul is a lifelong resident of Aroostook County with an eye for seeing the pristine beauty that is Aroostook County, and with his blessings, we just wanted to share some of his work with you...who knows, maybe after seeing his photographs, you'll take an afternoon and see the breathtaking sights that Aroostook County has to for now, enjoy how it's seen through Paul's eyes. You can find Paul's photos on Facebook at The Crown of Maine page, as well as various publications about Aroostook County, or by visiting Thank-you Paul for allowing us to share your Visions of Aroostook County!