I can honestly say that I have NEVER felt good about the price I've paid for a vehicle. But after many car, truck and motorcycle purchases over my lifetime, I've learned the art of walking away. I've done it on a few occasions. If I'm not feeling right about the buy, I move on. Hey, it's my my hard-earned money we're talking about.

When I stumbled across the CarBuyingTips.com website, I thought this is something we all can benefit from. After all, scams run amok these days in all industries.

Now I know that car dealers have to make a buck too, but there is something that's called fair and balanced.

Jeff Ostroff is one of the originators of CarBuyingTips.com, and he's not very well liked by a few in the car selling industry. Just read some of the nasty grams he's received from car salesman. 

Visit the website, bookmark it, and educate yourself before you sign the dotted line.

Example: A car buying tip from the Top New Car Buying Tips for Women:

Haggle tough, don't be a monthly payment buyer or trade-in buyer
Don't be emotional, set time limits, be prepared to walk. Don't let them mention trade-in or financing during negotiations. Haggle your selling price as though you're paying cash. You don't want to play the cash flow shell game, where they lower the selling price, but overcharge you on loan interest rate. The worst car buyers in the world are folks who foolishly haggle by monthly payment; dealers hide extras, packing your payments. Don't be a trade-in buyer, foolishly focusing only on what dealers offer for your trade, you'll get ripped off on other parts of the deal. Dealers can also low ball your trade. Some finance managers are sharks who play games, tricking you on your loan term and down payment amounts.