You've heard us talking about the 2013 Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride...right? But the weekend is so much more!!

Pine Tree Camp has offered an amazing summer camp experience to Maine children and adults with disabilities since 1945. Every summer, over 650 campers arrive at Pine Tree Camp and actively participate in activities that may not be available to them during the rest of the year – kayaking, boating, sports and fishing, experiencing freedom and independence.

The 2013 Snowmobile Ride-in in Newport, Maine will feature a wide range of community events fun for the whole family.  The event draws snowmobilers from all corners of Maine as well as people living in the greater Newport area.

The Ride-in not only raises money for Pine Tree Camp, but is also an event to celebrate the commitment and hard work of snowmobilers.  Clubs throughout Maine raise money for Pine Tree Camp throughout the year and “ride in” to Newport to make their donations.  Since 1973, the Snowmobile Ride-in has raised more than $3.9 million in support of Pine Tree Camp. Join us this year as we cross the $4 million mark.

All proceeds from the event will benefit Pine Tree Camp, an extraordinary summer camp for Maine children and adults with disabilities, is one of the many programs of Pine Tree Society.

Click HERE to see this years schedule of events, as of today, and thanks for supporting the 2013 Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride, a big part of the 2013 Ride-In!