I have been blessed. Shirley and I have been happily married for 28 plus years, together for a bit more than 30. During that time we've both gone through some career changes, some a little more stressful on our marriage than others, but we endured the challenges. I'm glad we stuck it out. Our marriage is stronger than ever.

So here's the question: What professions do you think can wreck a perfectly good marriage?

Here's an excerpt from an article on the website of Match.com:

"A study out of Radford University in Virginia published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology sheds some interesting light on the divorce rates found within certain professions. People in the workforce with the highest rates of divorce include: bartenders, massage therapists, entertainers and performers, choreographers, waiters, nurses, home health aides, and telemarketers."

However, there is one profession that has the highest rate of divorce according to a survey my Match.com: Law Enforcement-- more specifically, State Police.

Match.com says the demands on the personal life of  State Police officials are huge. State Police officers are expected to be on call 24/7--365. In fact, 80% of marriages in that profession will end in divorce. How sad.

On the other side of this finding is that there are careers that tend to foster good marriages. Those professions are those in clergy, engineering, and eye doctors.

For those of us that are married you know that it takes work. The honeymoon does end fairly quickly, and life with all it's daily troubles and challenges takes over. With this in mind take a moment and read the rest of the article on Match.com, it's pretty insightful.

Remember, there are some pretty convincing reasons you got married to begin with.