My first ever trip to the Farmington Fair, and I must say, if you love the way a good 'ol fashioned County Fair is supposed to be...This Is IT!

Closely situated to the campus of U Maine Farmington, you'll find the Farmington Fairgrounds, and the 2012

Farmington Fair. When you walk through the gates, at which you'll only pay $6.00 for adults to get in, you realize you've walked into a true County Fair! The Rides, the games, the agricultural exhibits, and of course you can't forget the food! And believe me, they don't let you!! Everything your stomach can imagine, and then some....from the standards, sausage with peppers & onions and cheeseburgers, to soup in a bread bowl, Thai food, to Grandmas Cookin' provided by a local church, you'll find it all! Make sure you leave room for desert, home made hot apple crisp & blueberry cobbler, but make sure you try the deep fried "Double Stuffed Oreo's" covered in powdered sugar and the deep fried raspberry creme bismark, Snicker's bar, and just about any candy bar you can imagine! Plus tomorrow night at 7, everyone's favorite, The Demolition Derby presented by NAPA Auto & Truck Parts, Hight Chevrolet, Farmington Ford & Health Quest Chiropractic! Tomorrow is the last day of this amazing fair, so if you have time, take the short, scenic drive to Farmington and check out the Farmington Fair...and make sure you tell 'em JR sent ya!