Shania Twain definitely heated up the video channels in the 1990's! I love Shania's voice, but wonder if she'd have been such a sensation if video wasn't around. Her videos were energetic, sexy, and fun! Like this one for 'You Win My Love!'

Country music was scandalized when Shania started showing her belly button and prancing around the stage. But we got over it REAL quick when we heard her sing!

'You Win My Love' was written by Shania's husband, Mutt Lange, one of the few songs on which Shania is not a co-writer.The song debuted in February of 1996 and spent 20 weeks on the chart, peaking at number one.

Years ago, we used to put together "Identify the Country Star" picture boards for some of our events, and people had to write down the names of all the picture stars to qualify for a prize. I always tried to find unusual pictures. So one year, I put a picture of George Strait's butt and another of Shania Twain's belly button. All the women knew George...and ALL the men knew Shania!