It's only been just over 2 months, but for true fans of 'The Walking Dead' the wait has been hell! For those of us that wanted to know just what is going on with quite possibly TV's most dysfunctional family, 2 months is too long, but the show returned last night and the way the producers are bringing the realization of how the show left us 2 months ago is being called nothing short of "Brilliant" according to Forbes Magazine!

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Now, after episode 409 called 'After' we know that Carl, Rick and Michonne all survived the carnage caused by the now, and finally deceased Governor and his cast of cronies...and as the show following 'The Walking Dead', 'Talking Dead' showed us...Daryl and Beth are out there somewhere and survived as well.

If you missed last night's episode, be warned the video below has the highlights and the stars talking about what is happening as they look to put their family unit back together