I just wanted to take a minute and thank the men and women who work through the night to make sure I can get to work in the morning. You are appreciated!

As I drove into work this morning, gripping my steering wheel, waiting for the sliding to begin, it occurred to me that it could be a lot worse. Imagine if no one had been out last night, or early this morning, spreading sand to help give my car some traction. That would not be a fun ride!

We're all guilty of complaining about the DOT workers every now and then. When we're late for work and get stopped at construction sites, we all grumble. Don't deny it...you KNOW it's true! But we really have to take it all back when the freezing rain starts and there's a layer of sand on the roads to give our tires something to grip. And when the state is blanketed in snow, the plow drivers make sure the roads are clear.

So, a big THANK YOU to the road crews! You work tirelessly while we sleep so we can have safer morning commutes. For that, we are forever grateful! I invite you to add your own thanks in the comments section below, but please, keep it positive. These folks work very hard for our safety.